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How to read this Blog

April 9, 2009

I figured a bit more explanation might be needed to really be able to read this blog. This blog is my thesis itself, but I have broken it into several categories to facilitate easy access to information.


This category will be very broad and incorporate as much of the information that I can collect and put on the web as possible. The little comments in blue are mine, and then I usually will follow with a portion of the article (I just want be clear so as to make sure the authors of these articles get full credit for their work). I hope that as you read these you will post your thoughts and comments, as that too will become part of my research.


Everything in the Interview category will come from my personal interviews with people in the arts fields. It is really a subset of the Research category. But I thought it might be nice to be able to read them on their own.


These posts will be my distillation of information from the research(if you printed it out it would be the “paper”, but you wouldn’t want to do that would you?). I would also encourage you to post your thoughts on these pages.

That should be enough – lets see what happens.


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