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Building the case (part II)

April 27, 2009

In the first part of building the case a was speaking mainly about issues dealing with the failure of the newspaper model. In part II I would like to discuss what I think is at the heart of social networking, and how it can be harnessed by organizations and used to their benefit.

If you break social networking down to its very basic building blocks – it is about connecting to others. People (through this new electronic medium) are reaching out and wanting to share, talk, and connect. There is nothing new about this desire within people, only the way they are now doing it.

It is this wide spread access to two-way communication that can be a great benefit to arts organizations. By embracing these new ways of interaction, we allow our audiences another way to connect with our organization. In doing so we create a stronger bond with them. This is our new opportunity to create a loyal and passionate following.

There is danger is we do not remember that this loyalty to our organization is fragile. We cannot try to fit the old methods of one-way advertising and marketing into these new communication models. When organizations merely try to sell through these new methods, it is painfully obvious and hurts the relationship. The relationship and conversation are the keys. They must be real and transparent.

Never before have organizations had to communicate in this way and to this extent. It is a daunting proposition, but it is the way the world is moving now. We must embrace these changes and add them to our existing strategies or we risk being left behind. As old methods of communication vanish, we must find ways to use new methods to help keep our organizations fiscally strong and artistically vibrant.

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  1. Jaymie permalink
    May 1, 2009 10:16 am

    I completely agree! But how do you propose we as arts organizations engage in two-way communication while still fulfilling our objectives and ultimately, sales goals?

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