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Blogging and Control

April 30, 2009

Here is a good one about law and such. I don’t really agree with it, but it is a big issue facing social networking and organizations.


Blogging to promote your show? Who’s in control of the message?

March 10, 2009

Posted by Gordon Firemark

As more and more producers are looking at innovative ways to promote and market their shows, legal question start to arise.

Yesterday, I read a report about Jane Fonda’s backstage blogging during performances of “33 Vacations” on Broadway. It seems the blog is generating some real buzz… and several others shows, “South Pacific”, “Chicago” and “Phantom of the Opera” among them, have blogs on the web.

So, what happens if a member of your cast, crew or staff is blogging, and for some reason expresses discontent, or artistic “concerns”?

I think it’s important for those running the production to supervise and monitor the blogging activities of members of their productions. Certainly, a show’s “official” blog needs to remain under the control of the producers (and press agents, advertising agency, etc)… but producers should also build into contracts with all members of the production some right of approval of their ‘personal’ online communications about or relating to the show.

Contracts have long included restrictions on “publicity activities” by cast, crew, and others, but blogging, twittering, and other online “social networking” activities aren’t traditional forms of “publicity”. Certainly, folks have a right to express themselves outside of work, on matters unrelated to their employment, but where the discussion turns to one’s job, the employer has a legitimate interest in controlling the message….

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