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Idea Bank – Really?

May 11, 2009

Click on this link, take a quick look.

This is the National Arts Marketing website “Idea Bank” for E-Marketing.

I am bothered by the headline:

“E-Marketing: A powerful way to extend your budget and your reach

Today, a high search engine ranking or the right e-mail sent at the right time to the right people can sell out your next event in a matter of hours—at a cost of next-to-nothing.”

This headline all may be true, but I think it is ignoring the very core of what good E-marketing should be, honest communications from real people. I realize expenses are a factor for all organizations, but I think that this headline is promising more than it can deliver. E-marketing does not use the same formula as one way advertising, and organizations must understand this as they try to use this marketing tool.

If professionals in the arts use this website, then I have some real disappointment that this is all the “Idea Bank”is.  It is my firm belief that we need to be able to have a much higher level of conversation about the communication issues facing us today. Organizations such as the Americans for the Arts should be elevating this dialogue, but I don’t think we have gotten there yet. I don’t mean to be too critical, and perhaps I am being that way, but we as arts professionals should demand better.

P.S. The one story about old people and computer viruses dosent do much for their credibility either.

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