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Twitter opera plot

May 30, 2009

Another interesting use of Twitter.


The Twitter opera plot contest is back…

And this time, with mega prizes

Danielle de Niese in Acis and Galatea
[Twitter judge Danielle de Niese as Galatea at the Royal Opera House, London. Photograph: Tristram Kenton]

The unfeasibly popular Twitter #operaplot contest is back, courtesy of the blogger and Tweeter the Omniscient Mussel (follow her as missmussel). Billed as “the most fun opera nerds can have in 140 characters” the game involves creating a witty, brilliant, and accurate precis of an opera plot (my favourite from the first iteration of the competition was a rendering of the entire Ring cycle as in the form of a set of tennis tournament scores). And this time, there are prizes – lovely tickets from a dazzling galaxy of opera houses in the US and Britain (awarded on a first right of refusal basis). The contest starts on Monday 27 April at 9am EST (so don’t tweet yet – though feel free to post what you’re thinking below – the contest’s official rules are on the Omniscient Mussel site). The judge is the brilliantly game soprano Danielle de Niese, who’s just debuted at the Royal Opera House as Galatea in Acis and Galatea. Miss Mussel writes:

“I started this contest a month ago on a whim. I was writing programme notes for the RNCM and tweeted that I was having trouble with word creep… one of those mundane details Twitter disparagers claim not to be interested in. @pattyoboe, an oboist blogger from California suggested I should tweet the notes. That seemed impractical but then I thought, what about opera? Tweets are the perfect antidote to convoluted plot summaries…so I launched the contest with a single Tweet. I only had about 50 followers at the time but word got out and by the time the contest ended three days later, the whole world (ok, the whole opera world) knew about it.

The original prizes were $30 Arkiv gift certificates I paid for myself. There was a lot of chatter on Twitter and the international press and people were sad they missed out on the original, so I decided to hold the competition again.”…
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