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Boomers come to the Party

June 11, 2009

If you saw the post a few weeks ago about Boomers and Gen-Y you got an idea that the demographics of social networking are starting to change. Gen- Y is mostly at the party, while Boomers are starting to show up fashionably late. I believe these trends will be a an advantage for arts organizations in the coming years.

As organizations start to wrestle with the decline of print media (once the only way to reach out to Boomers), they now have the opportunity to connect with them online. As boomers become more comfortable with, and adopt social media (see chart below from Micro Persuasion), there is a huge number of possible audience members waiting for us to reach out to them.


Technology is becoming less intimidating and part of everyday life, and with that Boomers are starting to adopt it. If organizations are able to engage the Boomers as they come into this new digital world, they will be able to help sustain their audiences as print advertising has less of an impact. Arts orgazations must seize this moment and start to create online relationships with this generation of partons, as it may be the only way of really reaching them in the coming years.

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