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How This Began (I)

June 15, 2009

When I began this thesis project I had some strong feelings about the use of social networking by arts organizations. I believed that the use of this technology would become incredibly important to organizations as our world became more interconnected digitally. I also believed that this digital revolution would speed the erosion of traditional print media. I had formed these opinions by observing what was happening within the arts community and also by watching trends that were forming in the digital world. So strong were these beliefs, in fact, that I decided I must explore this topic in depth, so that I might be on the forefront of this digital divide. My research has proven, not only that my initial views were correct, but it also lead to a number of other discoveries.

For this thesis, I decided on one fundamental principle upfront: that in order to understand social networking, I must experience it first hand. Hence, you have been reading it as a blog. I felt it would be the height of hypocrisy for me to say how important social networking is, and how I think it will change the way we communicate, and then hand in a printed-paper to my advisor. I also felt that there was no better way to understand this new way of communicating, than by doing it. By expressing my thesis in this way, I have been faced with both challenges and opportunities. The ability for me to share articles, interviews and my own writing everyday, as they occur has been a challenge and a joy. Those who have followed and read this blog over these four months have been able to explore this topic with me, and in a way they never could by reading a paper.  Even those that have only been able to look in from time to time have still gotten a glimpse into the process that no one would ever get to see, if this hadn’t been a blog. Readers have been able to see my opinions develop, and also have had the opportunity to participate in the project itself. Although I wish there would have been more outside participation and comments, I would like to thank all of you who did participate and comment.

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