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Demanding Personal Interaction (II)

June 17, 2009

Now that organizations are starting to understand that the exchange online has to be a “real” conversation, they are also starting to realize that content is becoming more and more important. Audiences who are being engaged though Social Networking need something to talk about and organizations can help direct the conversation though content.
I wrote in one of my earlier posts:
“People who are engaging with our organizations digitally want content. It is a personal experience. Arts organizations must work hard to make quality content available that helps audiences want to see our performances.”
Patrons want this personal experience and have a hunger for content like never before. Communication rules are changing, and we see more and more that we have to adjust our models if we want our organizations to stay relevant. A surprise for many organizations is just how much time and effort this content requires, and also how much time and effort it takes to respond to individuals on the internet. It is incredibly critical for organizations to respond to interested and engaged audience members who are participating on their blogs, Facebook pages, MySpace pages etc.  As I have stated, this is what the constituents are expecting, and if an organization isn’t actively engaging in the dialogue, people will stop caring.

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