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Act Now!

June 18, 2009

Organizations must act now to adopt polices that integrate internet social networking strategies or risk being left unable to communicate with their audiences.

There is no doubt that organizations must engage with audiences using Social Networking. Social media and internet use is growing at an incredible rate, across multiple demographics, and it is becoming one of the most important methods of communication today. I must stress however, that organizations must be prepared to learn how to use this communication technology, or they may see very poor results. One must invest time to first understand the method of communication, and then decide what conversation an organization wants to have. Time is an issue on many levels, and an organization does not have the luxury of spending five years researching these things. Organizations must learn fast and be able to respond to changes in Social Networking as technology develops. Social Networking is certainly not the only way to speak to constituents, but must be regarded as another tool in the communications toolbox, as organizations reach out to existing and new audiences.

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